New Israeli Smart Mobility Initiative to announce at Davos goal of eliminating road fatalities

High profile technology partners from public & private sectors will team up with The Israel Smart Mobility Living Lab to tackle severe global mobility challenges

The Israel Smart Mobility Living Lab (ISMLL), a new NGO, will be announcing a new initiative with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – the formation of the a Smart Mobility Data Trust designed to reduce the number of road fatalities and serious injuries to zero. The goal of this initiative fits in well with theme of the conference, Globalization 4.0.

The announcement will come from ISMLL founder, Dr. Smadar Itzkovich, at the World Economic Forum next week, where she was invited to present the new non-profit organization and its goals at the Data For Good Forum.  

The Data Trust is a concept developed by MIT Professor Sandy Pentland, founder of Connection Science at the MIT Media Labs. ISMLL will build the first Data Trust in the area of Smart Mobility. It brings together data generated from various sources including traffic lights, cars and roads and will be stored in a publically accessible data center open to start ups, technology companies as well as municipal and governmental agencies.

This is not the first collaboration formed by Dr. Itskovich. She is building on her experience of forming such partnerships to improve public safety from her years as head of the Smart Mobility Living Lab in the Israeli city of Ashdod. The city worked with companies such as Mobileye on a use case of reducing the number of accidents involving public transportation.

A consortium of leading International and Israeli technology companies, cities and academic bodies have agreed to join ISMLL in its efforts and cooperate to solve these critical issues of smart and autonomous transportation, especially those related to public safety. These include: General Motors Israel, NEC Israel, the Technion, Tel Aviv University the Ashdod, Herzliya and Netanya Municipalities. Startups such as No Traffic, Simplex and Waycare will also partner in the initiative.  

ISMLL has simultaneously begun discussions to bring the advantages of the Smart Mobility Data Trust to select cities in Singapore, Germany and India.

ISMLL founder Dr. Smadar Itzkovich said - “There is a moral obligation to first and foremost use technology to improve public safety in the world. The technology exists but in order to eliminate accidents, we need to build the model platform for public and private partnerships which can be adapted everywhere. The Smart Mobility Living Lab in Israel will be that platform, promoting the ideas of ‘Data for Good’ and ‘Collaboration for Good’. This directly supports the 2019 theme of Globalization 4.0 at WEF at Davos.”

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